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E-liquide saveur menthe fraîche par Vincent

Fresh Mint

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The french natural flavoured e-liquids are now available in a pack of 6.


Spicy, fresh, tonifying.
Our fresh mint e-juice is made in France with natural only flavours.

No matter if you like menthol cigarettes or not, its true cooling, authentic and pure mint flavour is a perfect sensation especially when switching from tobacco to fruit flavours.

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Fresh Mint e-liquid - ingredients :

E-juice Fresh Mint

Fresh mint natural flavours ;
Natural fresh mint extracts ;
Propylene glycol < 80% ;
Vegetal glycerine : 20% ;
Alcool, Purified water, Nicotine in a selected concentration.

Bottle volume 10ml
Made in France by SAS VDLV.

Filling the eliquid

In order to fill your ecigarette with the Fresh Mint e-liquid please refer to the manufacturer's instructions.


To preserve this exceptional fresh mint natural flavour, please close properly the bottle cap each time after use.
Please keep your product away from sunlight and other Infra Red emitters.


If your Fresh Mint e-juice contains nicotine, please keep it locked and away from children.
The nicotine is a toxic product and should not be used by pregnant women and by people having heart related problems.

The freshness guarantee

Koolsh guarantees your e-liquid is fresh and at least 2 months remain to the "best before" date

For security reasons no returns are accepted for the Fresh Mint e-juice sold separately or within a pack.

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