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Selecting our e-juice (e-liquids)

While looking for our e-liquids supplier we had very clear objectives and criteria :

  • Manufacturing facilities complying to the highest applicable EU norms and standards;
  • Excellent batch control and product traceability;
  • Careful components selection, analysed and validated in laboratory;
  • Possibilities for product adaptation and co-development of new e-liquids;
  • Strong know-how in perfumery and flavours - for a strong differentiation from the mass products on the market.

We have tested a number of American, French, Italian and UK products. We found interesting flavors, but aways limited to few products by manufacturer. Moreover we could not access and check the production process of foreign e-juice manufacturers, a critical blocking point for sustainable investment and partnership.

Finally on November 2012 we found our perfect supplier - VDLV, an innovative French start-up with very convincing products and approach.

Hosted within the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology in Pessac, the company has access to the latest technology and performs enhanced analyses and research on the e-juice components.

The competencies of a professional nose are used to design fine parfums, all based on natural flavours and extracts custom made in several regions in France (Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur, Ile de France, Picardie...).

Nos e-liquides sont conçus, fabriqués et contrôlés en France, dans l’Institut Européen de Chimie et de Biologie

Download the product specification sheet (French) / Download the brochure

Selecting our e-cigarette

For our website launch in 2013 we needed a high-end, reliable and simple to use ecigarette pack, suitable both for beginners and for advanced users, yet it had to be elegant and light.

It is a huge market, one would say and many offers are available.
It isn't that easy though if you target perfection ...

The ecigs are mainly made in China. There are many manufacturers offering the "real" sensation achieved with quite bizzar devices. So we limited from the start our selection to four manufacturers, those that have won users' recognition in Europe and in the States with quality products. Then we compared their products. We discovered pack offers from the chosen four are OK, price optimised, but average performance, the real "best of" being sold standalone. For this reason we build our own pack based on the legendary Mini Vivi Nova from Vision - a recognised clearomizer, "tuned for more" several times since its launch one year ago.

Once we had our solution we took particular care to the packaging and today we proudly present our ecigarette pack - Koolsh Nova shipping in a personalised organic cotton gift pouch.

Koolsh Nova, ecigarette pack selected by Koolsh

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